3 Months & 19 Days to go…

3 Months & 19 days to go until our big day, n i have plan to do when i come to surabaya by early april :

  1. Break down about Decor..yup..i will break down my decor agreement and make sure that everything`s available with my custom colour (maybe need a little bit pressure with this vendor…hihihi)
  2. Decide fix catering menu for the reception including each portion…
  3. Make a second payment for some of vendor…start from the venue and candid
  4. Complete the marriage document…..(the groom first..!!)
  5. Buy chocolate fountain maker (and directly practice it at home…yummyy)

additional : free test make up by Puri Kencana Ayu ( i haven`t made an appointment with her… gonna call her soon) n continue with indoor prewed (haven`t also found the vendor…go go go)
3 days for holiday and 5 (plus 1) lists to do….take a breath…n do it!!!hehehe


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